The Local Scene: Electric Skateboard in the UK

The Local Scene: Electric Skateboard in the UK

The Olympic Park, the Lordship Loop Track or the scenic Viking trail are some of the spots that you can explore on an electric skateboard in the UK. You can find Evolve riders all over the world, but each location has its community and lifestyle. In this blog post, we want to go through the electric skateboard's local scene in the UK. 

More people are turning to electric skateboard in the UK as it's so easy to get around for daily commute and a rad way to blow off some steam during the weekend. One of Evolve Ambassador, Andy Smith, says that "even just back in 2017, it was hard to spot another e-rider in London, now they are everywhere!". 

In big cities, like London, using an electric commute option is a faster and cheaper alternative to public transport or car. Andrew McGuinnes, an Evolve's ambassador in the UK, saved over £2000 in travelling costs and a fair bit of time in his daily commute. "Journey's that take 45 minutes in a busy city now take me 10 - 15. In a busy city, I can travel anywhere, anytime, with minimum fuss", says Andrew. 

Electric Skateboard in the UK: online community and group rides

The online community and group rides are one of our core. Every day there are thousands of riders online, sharing their experiences, helping one another. This sheer size and passion of the online community make Evolve unique in the world of e-skating. When you get an Evolve board, you are part of a family where the electric skateboard is a common denominator to link all of these people worldwide.

In the UK, it's no different! Facebook groups are the main space where riders share experience, tips and hints and organise group rides. Check out the main groups about electric skateboard in the UK:

Evolve Skateboard Owners

The Official UK Evolve Skateboards Riders Group

London Electric Skateboard Club (ESK8 LONDON)

Electric Skateboard Riders Europe

Carve Electric UK

We are truly grateful for having so many dedicated riders pushing the sport forward - check out our electric skateboard dedicated event's page. We try our best to give back with events like the Evolve UK Open in 2019 when over 100 people who love to skate descended on Devon's countryside for our first indoor all-terrain skateboard event, or like the Evolve World Cup. We hope to bring the events back as soon as we can! 

Electric Skateboard in the UK: Changes since COVID-19

As people have more flexible work arrangements and are shopping more locally due to COVID-19, there's an increase in active commuting. Not only cycling and e-scooters! People are using more personal electric vehicles, which include electric skateboards

Many studies show there are many benefits of e-mobility for individuals and communities. It allows people to ride the first-and-last mile of their journeys, regardless of personal fitness and is more sustainable when compared to short car trips, reducing pollution and road congestion.

There is some progress in the Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) legalisation as the UK government announced a £2 billion plan to invest in greener travel. The program includes a 12-month trial on rental e-scooters use in public areas in specific locations. The trial's inclusion of rental e-scooters is part of the initial plan to ease the pressure on public transport amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Another change that we have seen since COVID-19 is the mental health benefits of e-skating. Some riders say that they have been skating more since the lockdown as a way to bring your mind back to where you are. "There was no better feeling to help calm and free the mind. The ultimate unwind tool," says Andy. 

In an e-Chat epoisode, Alec Stansfield explained the relationship between eSkate and mental well-being from his viewpoint as a psychotherapist. Check it out 👇


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