Hadean vs. Renegade: Choosing the Ultimate Electric Skateboard!

Hadean vs. Renegade: Choosing the Ultimate Electric Skateboard!

It’s time to put our two biggest and baddest boards head to head, and figure out which is right for you!

If you looking for speed and power, you don’t need to look any further than the Hadean and Renegade Series. Both these electric skateboards pack a punch, but there are some big differences between the two. We’re going to take a look at both of them and hopefully help you figure out which is the best fit for you! 

The short version is the Hadean is your high-powered everyday shredder, mixing performance with manoeuvrability and versatility, while the Renegade is designed to be a rugged off-road beast, maximising stability and control, and allowing you to catch a little airtime.



Let’s start with the electronics because both these electric longboards share very similar internals. Both run a 12s4P 21700 battery, with the eFOC motor controller, and 64mm motors. The power delivery, torque, braking, and speed are identical. The only electronic difference is the Hadean uses a Molicel P42A cell, while the Renegade uses a Samsung 50E which gives it a higher capacity, and gives you more range so you’ll be able to go about 16% further on each charge. The Renegade & Hadean Bamboo use the same battery case, with the power button and charge port on either side, with front & rear LED lights. The Hadean Carbon features LED lights on the bottom of the board, and a light-up Evolve logo on top of the deck, with the port and power button on the rear underside. 



Both boards are fully compatible with the Explore By Evolve app, so you have the same level of customisation of power, acceleration curves, braking curves, and lighting control. Within the Phaze remote, both boards have the same features for tracking rides, monitoring your diagnostics, and controlling all the other settings the boards have to offer. 



The trucks are a massive difference between these two boards. The Hadean uses the forged Evolve Supercarve truck, the set-up we have been utilising on all of our boards over the last 13 years. The double kingpin design is essentially two traditional skate trucks stacked on top of one another, which doubles the amount of lean and gives Evolve its signature carve feeling. This truck is what we use to replicate that ‘snowboard on land’ feeling, and will feel familiar for anyone with snow, surf, skate or wake experience who is addicted to the carve.


The added benefits of the double kingpin is a much tighter turning circle, and the ability to turn tightly with less effort, making it a great option for people commuting through cities, or navigating tight pathways or trails. With the correct bushing setup up they are comfortable at higher speeds but aren’t designed with stability at the front of mind so you will want experience under your belt before taking them to 30mph. The Renegade uses a sprung channel truck. Sitting at 15.5 inches wide, it's 3 1/2 inches wider than our Super Carve truck giving an instant increase in stability and balance.

The ‘turning mechanism’ is also very different from a normal truck as it does feature a traditional kingpin and bushing design. Sprung channel trucks work by rotating from a centred point towards either side, where a spring with a bushing inside generates resistance to control your turn. These trucks are widely used in the mountainboard world due to their predictability, and being able to keep the board stable in rough off-road conditions, jumping, or maintaining high speeds.



The deck is another big difference, and for this one, we will talk about the Renegade, Hadean Bamboo, and Hadean Carbon separately because all three offer a different experience for the rider. 

The Renegade deck is made from carbon fibre but is pressed together and cut resulting in an incredibly strong deck, and our only flexible carbon board. Sitting at 37.4 inches long and 10.5 inches wide, with a usable standing area of 76 inches, it’s the largest platform we offer which further aids its stability for off-road use. It has flared edges to help with keeping you locked to the board without bindings, and a slight arc to the entire deck.

Evolve Renegade Deck

The Hadean Bamboo has a similar shape at 39.7 inches long and 10 inches wide, with a stance of 70 inches. It is made from 3 layers of bamboo, and 2 layers of fibreglass giving it a very traditional longboard look and ride feeling. It is more flexible than the Renegade, and when combined with the double kingpin trucks it makes for a very floaty, carvy ride. It features both the concave sides and a dropdown creating nice pockets where you place your feet to maximise the control you have over the board.

Evolve Hadean Bamboo Deck

The Hadean Carbon is a forged carbon fibre chassis design with internal electrics giving it a stealthy and slim look. It is 39.3 inches long and also 10 inches wide, with a 67-inch platform. It also has conceived sides and a slight dropdown at the front and rear, but it is less dramatic than its Bamboo counterpart. The major feature of the Hadean Carbon is it is 100% rigid and does not flex, which means the board is insanely predictable underfoot for aggressive riding - think of it like a race car with very hard suspension.

Evolve Hadean Carbon Deck 


The Renegade is our only board with a deck built to use these, which connect you to the board and add an extra level of control over your ride. With 48 presunk mounts, there is plenty of adjustability to set up the bindings in a natural feeling position. You can use just the toe mount which means you can easily slide your foot out the back to dismount or if things get a little wild, add the heel strap for a complete lock-in experience.

The Renegade was designed to be used both with and without these, so by no means are they a necessity, but as we mentioned earlier the channel trucks don’t offer quite as much manoeuvrability as double kingpins and bindings are a way to claim some of that difference back! 

Wheel & Gear Combinations

Where the Hadean shines is its ability to run dozens and dozens of skateboard wheel and gear combinations. You can run the same 7” all-terrain set-up as the Renegade, or swap over to urethane wheels with a street conversion kit to get a much more traditional skate experience.

Street wheels add a significant increase to both the speed and range of the board, and open up a whole new way to ride when you start experimenting with slides! The Renegade sits too low to work well with street wheels, but you can use 6, 7, or 8” pneumatics to adjust your ride feeling, speed and torque.


Other things worth noting are the Renegade comes with 7” all-terrain tyres, while the Hadean All-Terrain uses the standard road slick tread. It also comes with the bash guard as standard, which is an additional upgrade for the Hadean.

Check out our full comparison chart with all the specs and dimensions. Click here

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