Water Tests With The GTR Series

Protecting the GTR’s from moisture was a massive goal when superseding the GT Series. We added a series of seals & protective sealants to all the electronics, which have been thoroughly tested with impressive results. Complete waterproofing was not the goal, but we understand weather can be a factor in people’s lives, so we wanted to give peace of mind knowing they have some level of protection if they ever found themselves in a sticky situation.

We believe water and electric skateboards aren’t a good mix at the best of times with riding in wet conditions being very slippery and dangerous. Along with this, the seals used to protect can be comprised by faulty installation if customers swap batteries or enter the electronics. We still do not rate our boards as waterproof and water damage is not covered under warranty. This video was made to demonstrate some of the testings the product has been through and you should never put your board in these conditions.

See how it performs in real-world tests below:


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