Our 2in1 boards are just that, two boards in one! You'll get everything you need to ride in both street setup or AT (Off Road) configuration. This means you can enjoy the versatility of a smooth buttery sunset carving session in a quiet street, an off road weekend adventure exploring a country trail and everything in between.


• Perfect for those who want want to commute but also have the option to change things up for a completely different feel.

• Easily swap out wheels in around 5 minutes.


We were the first to design the 2 in 1 concept for electric skateboards and they are still our most popular option to date. It’s not surprising given the endless flexibility it provides.

How often you take advantage of the 2 in 1 is a personal preference. Some riders like to use AT tyres for commuting and general weekday trips around uneven UK terrain then change over to street wheels for a weekend buttery carving session on a smooth road, empty carpark or through a scenic park path, while others keep one setup for months then change things up for the fun of experiencing a different ride. An Evolve 2 in 1 really is the most versatile board you can get.

The Riders Have Spoken

Fun fun fun!

I didn't appreciate just how fun this board would be. And I'm no spring chicken at 48 yrs old! I'm no expert so appreciate the various modes and customising available while I earn my Longboard wings. The build is pure class too. Very happy with this purchase.

- Haydn L

Carbon GTR 2in1

Had mine for 3 years now.

Still goes well. I like to swap the wheels every now and then. The Abec 107s are best for carving as I find I am just that bit lower to the ground, faster acceleration and top speed, better roll. Best ride is on smooth bitumen. The all terrains turn it in to a new, different, board. Much better for things like board walks and a bit of rough with smooth.

- John B
Carbon GTR 2in1

An Awesome Machine!

Can't recommend this board enough. The range on the road wheels is amazing. Carving the flat roads is incredible. The uphill drive is outstanding and the GTR speed is perfect at nipping around traffic, bikes etc. The AT tyres give it the ability to ride anywhere without thinking or worrying about road surfaces. They literally transform the riding experience.

- David F
Bamboo GTR 2in1



Say hello to a ride that's as smooth as butter.



For off road or urban adventures.

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