In 2013 Evolve Skateboards designed the world's first carbon fibre electric skateboard and has maintained the gold standard since. Born in 2019, the GTR series is in a class of its own. It boasts unrivalled build quality, beautiful aesthetics and exhilarating performance.


• Representing value for money, the GTR series has cemented it's place as a trusty all rounder for riders around the world making it our best selling board for good reason.

• Ideal for most skill levels from beginners to those who enjoy riding regularly.

• Made it up the world's steepest street.

• Interchangeable batteries with a flight-approved travel option so you can take your board on holidays!


The Evolve GTR series has been our most popular electric skateboard since 2019 for good reason. It’s the perfect entry-level board that gives you plenty of power to grow into while still having all the versatility and beautiful aesthetics that we’re known for. For those starting out, or for the budget-conscious, the Evolve GTR represents excellent value for money with the option to swap between all terrain, off road tyres or street wheels. Also currently exclusive to the Evolve GTR series are two battery options with a smaller travel-friendly swappable battery that can be used for airline travel or if you just want a lighter ride.

An Evolve GTR is the perfect way to start your electric skateboarding adventure with an option for every rider and the ability to customise your board to suit every path you could dream of riding on.

The Riders Have Spoken

Best board I’ve ever had!

Awesome fun! I ride it every day. The quality is second to none and the battery life is mind blowing. On one ride I did 10 kms on it and it still had 75% battery life. Keep up the good work. I love it!

- Michael
Carbon GTR 2in1

It's Amazing!

Equal parts amazing and terrifying. Best purchase in a long time. Excellent range on it, and glad I can tone down the max speed.

- Toby K

Bamboo GTR 2in1

One of the best things I've ever bought!

If you want to feel like a kid again as you zip along on your magic-powered board, buy this.

- Mike B

Carbon GTR 2in1



Our fastest and most powerful board ever.



The pocket rocket, Our lightest board.

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