Courier Collection Booking
Courier Collection Booking
Courier Collection Booking

Courier Collection Booking


CLICK HERE to read instructions before booking.

(e.g. G21097645)

(Please select a weekday, 2+ business days in advance. We are unable to book weekends, public holidays, Christmas, or New Year's period.)


For customers to self-book a courier collection.

** please read carefully **


Please note, you must pre-pay at least 2 business days before the collection date and you will need access to a printer within the 24 hours leading up to the date.


  1. Enter your Reference Number (e.g. G21097645).
  2. Ensure the collection date is on a weekday, with 2+ business days in advance.  You will need to be at this address between 9am - 5pm on the day of collection.
  3. Enter the sender's details as the contact details on the order (all instructions & shipping labels will be emailed here). 
  4. Enter the pick-up address as the billing address on the order. (this is the location where the courier will collect the package).
  5. Process order.
  6. Wait for further communication from Evolve.


    It’s really important that we receive the correct details. If you provide us with the incorrect details and/or you miss the collection, you may be charged extra.


    If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.

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